Amber Ying is a candidate for Master of Liberal Arts in Biology at Harvard University Extension School. Their research interests include early detection methods and interventions for neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric epigenetics, and biological correlates of cognitive function.

Outside academia, Amber is a dedicated activist, contributing their technical and social media expertise to anti-racism and sex worker rights organizations. Amber is a core organizer for Decolonize Our Museums (DOM), a grassroots effort for marginalized populations to reclaim their cultural artifacts and narratives from white supremacy. Their efforts have resulted in a panel of scholars to discuss how colonialism and institutionalized racism affect museum curation. Through DOM, Amber continues to advocate against racist curation at art institutions.

In addition, Amber is a social media consultant for the Boston chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-Boston). For both these organizations, Amber advises strategies for social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Also, for DOM, Amber is the primary agent behind its social media.

Amber lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with their cat, Bamf, and two parakeets, Zephyr and Eos. Since 2014, Amber has studied music, focusing on voice. Amber is a dramatic soprano and a classical pianist, but has been branching out to other genres, such as pop and art music.

Amber currently identifies as genderqueer and primarily uses they/them/their pronouns. They are exploring their gender identity, sometimes feeling like a woman or a man, multiple genders, or genderless. Amber presents as female most of the time so they are comfortable with female pronouns for regular use. However, they also are comfortable with any other pronoun.

By the way, Amber designed this website. She is just that awesome.